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The Curious Cookie Placemat allows children to explore food using their senses in a pressure-free and fun way.  They can experience how a food looks, feels, smells, sounds before they have an opportunity to taste it.

The Curious Cookie Placemat creates a relaxed and positive mealtime environment. Kids just follow the path, check the boxes, and magically learn to like the food in front of them!

There are 3 categories of cards, each appealing to different age groups.  There are simpler activities and questions for children ages 1-3 years of age, others for children 3-5 years, and finally 6 years and up.  So there's something for everyone! It's fun for the whole family - mom, dad and even the grandparents! 

To keep costs low, and minimize delays, these conversation cards are available immediately in a digital format. So you can save them to your phone, tablet, or computer.  However, you can also print them off or laminate.  I keep them in my purse (they are perfect for keeping kids entertained at restaurants, on road trips, or while visiting family or friends). 

There are currently just over 50 cards in the digital deck which you can use again and again.  

Families who have a hard time keeping their kids entertained at the table, or who want to see their mealtimes be more joyful.  While they aren't just for picky eaters, the activities included will promote positive food exploration in a creative way.